Office Booking Software
Convenient booking & scheduling software for your own office for hot desk, assigned desk & partly remote team

Easy booking of working areas and other office spaces

UX friendly platform for connected workplace experiences.

Fed up with chaos of organizing workplaces

Requirement mismatch

Overbooked meeting rooms

Hijacked rooms

Disrupted meetings

Unattended meetings

Burntout office managers

Unknown schedule of meeting rooms

Ghost Meetings

Easy booking - happy team
  • Simplify your work day as you can see the status of meeting rooms and their occupancy via the schedule.

  • Instantly book a meeting room directly from the tablet.

  • Сhoose the place where you want work (e.g. near a window or where necessary equipment is available).

  • Use on Android and iOS.

  • Enjoy user friendly UX design.

  • Be notified of where colleagues are in the office and select a seat near them.

  • Book places for the team close to each other to work together.
Admin Panel
  • Effortlessly access reports

  • Add and manage booking settings
-different time periods to increase the efficiency of meetings
-zones to separate access for managers and for specialists
-access groups for customer related specialists.

  • Set the conditions of bookings: from the office via qr-code (for those who tend to be late) or just online.

  • Never miss a notification with push-notifications, so you won’t miss them among other app notifications.

  • Track office workloads on the heat map in real-time.

  • Regulate who can access your office schedule.

  • Manage which places you can book in the office and for how long.

  • Create personal and group notifications, edit and set them to repeat every week
Mobile Application

  • Book your place instantly from your phone

  • Find the best desk/meeting room for you (near a window, with a big screen, with a projector, etc.) using the filter

  • Conveniently send invitations via mail to external guests

  • Schedule your office attendance in the system, repeat your bookings

  • Track office workloads in real time

  • Make group bookings - book places for your team close to each other

  • iOS & Android friendly
Board Panel
  • Check the status of the meeting room, you will see a green light on the board panel if it is free to use.

  • Reserve the meeting room instantly directly from the tablet.

  • Conveniently place it on the wall so employees have no need to worry if they forgot their phones.

  • Easily book the meeting room in just 2 clicks

  • Clearly see all bookings of the meeting room for the day.
  • Efficient cloud service
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    the SIMPLE OFFICE app
  • Personalized booking platform
    The system is installed on the corporate server
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Company profile
Simple Office

Successful office booking software in CIS countries and Europe.

  • 3 years on the market
  • 300 clients
  • 5000 + work places automotised
  • 12 software developers, 2 QA engineers & 20 more professionals in the team

Award: Best office
Special project for the VIP department of the SIAB bank Jan 2013

Award: Next Product
Issued by Next Product 2021 · Jan 2021

Award: Next Product
Issued by Next Product 2022 · Jan 2022

LIIS Engineering Solutions

2 offices in Latvia and Russia

LIIS is the Intellingent engeneering system laboratory, focusing on making spaces comfortable and efficient/smart.

OUR Directions are:

  • Automation and control of buildings;
  • Creation of multimedia complexes;
  • Own IT software development;
  • Creation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.
  • More than 15 years experience
  • 2000 + projects
  • 1 stadium & skyscapers automatization
  • 250+ employees
Our co-founders
  • Vadim Zayats
  • Andrei Chekan
-When my office decided to implement hot desking after lockdown I was apprehensive about the switch. Initially, there were some problems but once we started using Simple Office all those problems were resolved. Their focus on using space effectively and creating a more open and interactive office not only ended scheduling issue but also helped improve communication and collaboration with colleagues.

Alex Larins
-The reception of Simple Office has been extremely positive. We rarely get any feedback on Simple Office, despite our numerous avenues to do so. As they say “No news is good news”.

Samuel Willson
-Compared to other booking systems which we tested, Simple Office has been a breeze to implement thanks to its user-friendly mobile app and simple set up. The office heat map helps managers to analyze the use of office spaces and be confident in their decisions to improve the effectiveness of their use.

Sarah Lewin
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