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How we developed the solution to expand the office digitally and place 100 people in a room for 50

IT company • 100 people


One of our client’s IT companies was developing rapidly and the number of employees was increasing. There was not enough space in the office but it was not possible to move to another one, since the team had recently moved into a new office.


They installed Simple Office.

  • More efficient use of office resources without the need to relocate.
  • 80% of employees said it was easier to synchronize with colleagues.
  • Easier to understand who is in the office.
  • 75% highlighted that communication between coworkers became more efficient.
  • 90% of new colleagues mentioned that it is easy to integrate with their team when they know where they sit and their schedule.
  • The 100 person company managed to work on a flexible schedule, comfortably working in a 50-person office space.
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