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How we helped to increased the level of communication and workflow in a big enterprise company

Oil and gas company • 4,000 people


There were a lot of employees in 20 offices and a multi-level structure, so interaction between departments became more complicated. The company has a closed safe system and the booking system wasn't user friendly according to the employees.


We implemented Simple Office, despite the company's closed system.

  • The system passed all security checks, it was introduced gradually due to internal advertising in the company.

  • Simple Office has helped simplify communication among more than 3,000 employees.

  • Increased number of positive feedback about the convenience of booking meeting rooms and tracking colleagues’ schedules.-When my office decided to implement hot desking after lockdown I was apprehensive about the switch. It was hard to understand what to expect.But Simple Office solution has been life changing for the receptionists, as they are no longer inundated with room booking emails and requests.Simple Office is focus on using the space effectively and creating a more open and interactive office not only ended scheduling issues but also helped improve communication and collaboration with colleagues.

  • The reception of Simple Office has been extremely positive. We rarely get any feedback on Simple Office, despite our numerous avenues to do so. As they say “No news is good news”.

  • Compared to the other booking systems which we tested, Simple Office has been a breeze to implement thanks to its user-friendly mobile app and simple set up. The office heat map helps managers to analyze the use of office spaces and be confident in their decisions to improve the effectiveness of their use.
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