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How we helped out HRs to raise Team spirit

Large telecom company • 3,900 people


After lockdown, the company was forced to reduce their office space and the employees could not go to the office in full force. Some had to work remotely while others were in the office full time which caused confusion with the work schedule. Usual working processes were disrupted and people didn’t understand how to live in this new reality.

The company was struggling:
  • Employees who were working full-time in the office very reluctantly shared information with others.
  • Those who don't really work hard decided to work remotely.
  • Managers couldn't understand how to control the start of the work day.
  • Some of the more quiet members of the team couldn't get a place in the office and lost connection with some of their team.


Developed a flexible schedule for employees to visit the office. We implemented the Simple Office system.
  • Office attended equally among employees.
  • The system’s in-app rules helped make office life and processes more transparent for team members.
  • Managers can see when employees come into the office.
  • Managers can see all stats for every employee.
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